1. Look at the list of fast facts about Wales for 5 minutes and try to memorize. Share the facts you remember with your groupmates.

Quick Facts about Wales.

Population: 3,113,150*

Population Density: 150.1 people per km2*

Size: 20,782km2  

Coastal Path: 1400km 

Capital City: Cardiff, population 361,468*

Other major towns/cities: Swansea, Newport,                                                    Wrexham

Official languages: English, Welsh

Local Government: Welsh Government

First Minister of Wales: Carwyn Jones AM

National Day: 1st March (St Davids Day)

National Anthem: Land of my fathers

Currency: Pounds sterling (£)

2. Work in pairs. Look through the text about one of the Welsh symbols you have and think what questions you should ask to find out the missing information. Ask your partner, who has the complete version of the text.

The Leek 

According to legend on the eve of the battle against the Saxons St David advised the Britons to wear leeks in their caps so as to easily distinguish friend from foe. This helped to secure a great victory. Today Welsh people around the world wear leeks on St David's Day. It is also a surviving tradition that soldiers in the Welsh regiments eat a raw leek on St David's Day.

The Daffodil 

The Welsh for leek (the original national emblem) is Cenhinen, while the Welsh for daffodil is Cenhinen Pedr. Over the years they became confused until the daffodil was adopted as a second emblem of Wales.

The Welsh Flag 

National flag of Wales - The Red Dragon - was granted official status in 1959, but the dragon itself has been associated with Wales for centuries. Some say it’s the oldest national flag still in use, and that it was used by King Arthur and other ancient Celtic leaders.

The Harp 

The harp is regarded as the national instrument of Wales. By the end of the 18th century, the triple harp - so called because it had three rows of strings - was widely known as the Welsh harp on account of its popularity in Wales. The harp has been used through the ages as an accompaniment to folk-singing and dancing and as a solo instrument.

3. Chose one of the topics below and make the short report. Prepare 5 questions on the topic of your report.

  1. St David`s Day in Wales

  2. St Dwynwen’s Day

  3. Eisteddfodau – music and art festival

  4. Sports in Wales

  5. Traditional Welsh food

  6. Cardiff – the capital of Wales

  7. Famous people from Wales