Welcome to London

  1. Watch the 5 minutes video “London vocation travel guide” paying special attention to the following unknown words. Words are given in order they appear in the video.

  • withdraw (v)

  • medieval (adj)

  • grim (adj)

  • expansion (n)

  • rapid (adj)

  • chime (n)

  • refurbishment (n)

  • worship (v)

  • buried (adj)

  • throng (n)

  • hum (v)

  • edgy (adj)

  • stable (n)

  2. Match the words with their definitions.


A. withdraw (v)                 1. a building for the shelter and feeding of certain

                                            domestic animals, especially horses


B. medieval (adj)               2. having a sharp or biting edge

C.grim (adj)                        3. to emit the continuous droning sound of a bee on the wing

D.expansion (n)                 4. a large group of people gathered or crowded closely together

E.rapid (adj)                       5. to place (a corpse) in a grave, a tomb, or the sea

F.chime (n)                         6. admiration or love to an idol or a sacred object

G.refurbishment (n)          7. to make something clean or bright again, to renovate

H.worship (v)                     8. a sound produced by a bell

I.buried (adj)                      9. very fast and intensive

J.throng (n)                       10. the process of growing

K.hum (v)                           11. gloomy and depressing

L.edgy (adj)                        12. relating or belonging to the Middle Ages

M.stable (n)                        13. to leave or go away

  3. Watch the video again and discuss the given questions.

  1. Where is London located? Try to be precise.

  2. When did the story of London begin?

  3. Who built the Tower of London and what did it use to be?

  4. What does the Tower Bridge symbolize?

  5. What is Kensington Palace famous for? What has recently been done to it?

  6. How many Royal Parks are there in London? Which ones do you remember?

  7. What has happened to kings and queens in Westminster Abbey?

  8. What is situated in the West End of London?

  9. What street markets are open for visitors in London?

  10.  How high the London Eye is? How long does one rotation take?

   4. Choose one of the topics and prepare a 2 minutes report. Be ready to ask 5 questions on the topic of your report to check the listeners.

  1. Tower of London

  2. Tower Bridge

  3. Buckingham Palace

  4. Westminster Abbey

  5. The British Museum

  6. Hyde Park

  7. Trafalgar Square

  8. Oxford Street